Spring Pins

Spring Pins

Slotted Spring Pins –Carbon & Stainless Steel
ISO8752 (ISO28752) formerly DIN1481, ISO13337 formerly DIN7346

Our Slotted Spring Pin programme covers metric sizes 1 to 20mm diameter up to 150mm long together with inch sizes 1/16 to ½” diameter and up to 4” long. All sizes are produced on a rolling production programme which creates ready availability and back-up production capacity for intermittent demand.

Specification is by:

  • Standard to be made to
  • Material
  • Hole diameter x length


Standard colour finish on the carbon steel pins is heat treatment blue black with a slight oil coat. Whilst they can be plated with all currently available coatings, we recommend that you avoid the electroplating types in favour of the dip-coating systems as they would need de-embritling which is not an exact science.

This product’s utility is demonstrated by its vast application in innumerable industries as diverse as Toys, Railway Engineering, Domestic Appliances and Aircraft Systems. It is a use and use again item making its economy a byword in the fastener field.

The pins are made oversize of the hole diameter to create the friction force holding capacity through their working life.

There are occasions when extra shear strength is required in an application and this is accommodated with a second pin inserted inside the first, with the slot at approximately 180° to maintain the integrity of the assembly.

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