Button Clips

Button Clips

Button Clips have been a great benefit for the tube industry as they have extended the construction of assemblies made from tube by a considerable margin. They are used in applications requiring adjustment and in industries as diverse as toy manufacturer, medical mobility aids, shop fittings and leisure equipment. All of which require firm location and adjustment of operational parameters.

KN Products are the leading UK producer of these components and our range is under continuous development but historical demand has identified sizes which we can now offer with minimal production lead times. Together with maintaining considerable stocks of individual components and raw material for swift assembly.


As this is a “tube within a tube” assembly we need the inner diameter of the smaller tube.

  • Inner tube diameter
  • Button diameter/length
  • Single or double button

Standard production is spring steel body, zinc plated mild steel buttons, though as in most of our manufactures we do produce many variations (e.g. stainless buttons) to customer specification.

There is a further variation from our major output with the clip being made in one piece as a pressing. This produces a lighter and cheaper clip which has to be produced in large volume. They are made against specific order making manufacturing time a little longer.

We can often offer a sample of our standard produced clip against enquiries seeking to do field trials of new projects.

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