KN Products

KN Products was formed as a result of a management buyout from the former GKN Screws and Fastener Company in the early 1980’s, which gave us an excellent start due to its formidable history in fastener engineering.  We have subsequently become the only UK manufacturer of Split Cotter Pins covering the complete range of sizes, types, materials and standards. In particular our Aircraft range is in demand worldwide with ever growing acceptance for levels of quality and availability.

Range development is on-going and we now offer:

Split Cotter Pins offered more scope than originally envisaged due to their inherent design flexibility, additional versions e.g. Hump back, Drive Open, Oval Eye, Open Leg, Tee Head and many more new standard designs opened up considerable trade avenues. Together with these our Aircraft supplies were finding favour in many countries adding potential to our increased output. This of course was supported by our current ISO 9001:2008 quality control system which had been in place since inception and which enables us to offer our whole range with confidence.

We offer from stock the Michael Pentz GmbH & Co Tension Bushes which were added and slotted nicely into our customer base demand. This range now satisfies most of the UK hydraulic ram and wear bush clientele. It was then a natural move for us to introduce the Slotted Spring Pin, this component has similarities to the Tension Bush and sits nicely alongside the Split Cotter Pin in application and demand. Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel are in our range with Carbon Steel sizes up to 20mm diameter included with large stocks.

In amongst all this activity we developed capacity to produce many customer specific components due to additional plant and personnel. Alongside this we have introduced and manufacture the Button Clip as a standard component for the tube construction industry.

Our stock range and manufacturing scope for the Split Cotter Pin, Tension Bush and Spring Pin is wide and we supply a quality competitive product from our UK base in Redditch.

KN Products supply large volume to all Industries as well as the smaller volume enquiries for all our valued and potential customers.

Please fill out the enquiry form on the right or call us on +44 1527 67602.