Hair Pin Cotters–Retaining Pins–Hitch Pins

Having manufactured Split Cotter Pins for many years it was a natural development for us to include the Hair Pin Cotter / Hitch Pin as demand arose. These are produced mainly from High Tensile Spring Steel but also from Stainless Steel and function much as a Split Cotter Pin but are quicker to remove and install. They are a push-on/pull-off type component and have an almost infinite life span.

We produce many shapes and sizes covering shaft sizes 4 to 65mm diameter with the Hair Pin Cotter broadly following the letter ‘R’ (and indeed are often referred to as ‘R’ Clips) and the Hitch Pins broadly follow the letter ‘U’. The Hitch Pin clamps around a component and is usually located within a groove whereas the hair Pin Cotter is inserted through the centre of a pin and holds firm due to its other leg having been formed circular fashion to locate on the outer diameter.

These pins are produced as a stock range for production batches need to be maintained in reasonable numbers to ensure their cost effectiveness but new designs are under constant consideration.

A later development of the standard types of Hair Pin Cotter was the “Double Coil” version and this model does offer superior performance abilities:

  • It is more flexible
  • Improved life span
  • For certain applications where a retaining chain or lanyard needs connecting the double coil helps

If you are seeking Double Coil type DIN 11024, Retaining Pins/Hair Pin Cotters or Hitch Pins please fill out the enquiry form on the right or call us on +44 1527 67602.