Customer Focused Metal Forming – Flat Metal Strip and Wire

K.N Products was formed in the 1980’s from the former GKN Fastener division so that Split Cotter Pins have been in our blood for 100 years. We had until recently relatives of the early employees of the company and with this background knowledge around us our moves to modernisation were made on a sure footing.

With this pedigree in wire forming it was a short step for us to add strip metal forming to our portfolio and we have achieved this with continuing success so that our products now include:

  • Split Cotter Pins
  • Tension Bushes
  • Spring Pins
  • Button Clips
  • Hair Pin Cotters & Hitch Pins

All of our components are regularly produced for immediate ex-stock sale together with maintaining ready production facilities for strip and wire forming to customer drawings or instruction.

Very high volume production has left these shores so that machinery type had to be addressed to reflect this as the purpose made machinery and tooling needed complete redesign to become more universal. Fortunately computer utilisation coincided nicely with this need for change and C.N.C machinery availability has enabled us to keep pace with the demands of a more varied market place. Our latest C.N.C wire forming machine is continuing to add to our capacity to produce without the need for expensive tooling layouts and long lead times enabling us to maintain the first rate service levels our growing customer base have come to expect.

Wire diameters 0.2mm to 12mm and flat metal forming up to 6mm thick are our strengths with all regular materials and finishes being offered.

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